About Us

Nexus Hub is part of the Nexus Media family, a division of Nexus Popular Culture Pty Ltd. It exists as a community hub for gaming and pop culture, aiming to produce content in a unique way, engaging our readers on their level. Still operating within the larger Nexus family, Nexus Hub was born out of our already-vibrant online community.

Striving to strike a balance between fandom and objectivity, the Nexus Hub staff are intent on delivering balanced opinions and reviews. Not only is this a platform for reviews and opinions, but we will be your source for the latest and most relevant gaming news. Remembering the community aspect of Nexus Hub, we intend to inform our readers in order to foster healthy discussion and debate around our shared interests.

It is important to note that our opinions are our own. Our staff review based on genres and titles that interest them, the games they would have played anyway. 

Meet The Team


Enthusiast of all things geek. Legend has it he completed Final Fantasy VII without a memory card.


Will defend anything Dragon Ball. Occasionally has two-way conversations with himself. Has sleepless nights about Half-Life 3 confirmed.


Kingdom Hearts devotee, From Software fanboy and aspiring Audiophile (the good kind that believes in FLAC files). Vincent enjoys writing about games almost as much as playing them.


Tattooed gamer person. Will keep repurchasing Skyrim. Living proof that you don’t have to be good at Dark Souls to enjoy it.


Gamer, writer, self-proclaimed chemistry hobo. Always looking to make use of a good pun in the name of fun.


Our Scoring Policy

The scoring process of the Nexus is not unlike those of fellow review websites; however, given the unique approach and focus on tailored user experiences, writers are encouraged to review and discuss titles that interest them and in doing so, attract the interest of the broader community that share the same interest.

Each review is a writer’s personal opinion and that of the Nexus and is in no way associated with that of Nexus Retail. Our writers work from an objective and fair policy, ensuring each review is unbiased and clearly scored for the user’s ease of interpretation. Any review scoring 5 or below, or a 10, is thoroughly discussed amongst the Nexus staff before the official score is published.

Below is a scale detailing the meaning of the numerical scores in our system. Reviews can be scored in integers of .5 and range from base numbers of 1 to 10.

10 – A truly memorable game. Perfection is impossible, but this game gets so much right that it’s difficult to focus on any flaws. A game that’ll stay on your shelf and be pulled out over and over again like your favourite book.
9 – An excellent game that does something new really well, or perfects an existing design. Very close to perfect, but let down by a few nagging problems that just can’t be ignored.
8 – A really great game that everyone could enjoy even with a few weaknesses in design. A title that fans of the genre can consider essential but also a great introduction to the genre for new players.
7 – A great game, especially for fans of the genre, let down by weaknesses on the technical side or by some poor design choices that may frustrate other players.
6 – A good game that may not offer a wildly different experience but defines itself with one or more distinct elements (gameplay mechanics, setting, narrative etc.)
5 – A solid game that neither excels nor fails at any element. A game that exists purely for a player to go through familiar motions with no attempt to set itself apart. Alternatively, a game that excels in one element (e.g. gameplay mechanics) while failing at another (e.g. incoherent narrative).
4 – A weak game that may have some value for fans of the genre but is crippled by too many problems.
3 – A bad game with too many issues across all design elements (technical, mechanics, narrative, presentation etc.).
2 – An awful game that may be a technical mess or display a complete lack of effort from the developers.
1 – An abomination. Essentially broken from a technical standpoint or containing content so offensive it deserves no recognition.